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Our Campaign

To address our needs and plans we are initiating an intensive fundraising effort entitled the Committed to Our Faith – Giving to Our Future campaign. Our aim is to build a new rectory, raise our share of the funds for the new Trinity High School, replace our boiler, and eliminate our landscaping debt.  

Our minimal goal of $1,200,000 is a little bit more than what our fundraising counsel said we could realistically raise. Our hope is for everyone to stretch a little bit and give to the best of their abilities. This funding will enable us to distribute $500,000 towards a new rectory, $634,000 for Trinity High School, $16,000 to pay off the current remaining landscaping debt, and pay half the cost of a new boiler (estimated to be approximately $100,000). This funding goal and distribution strategy also will meet funding requirements for the rectory from the diocese which typically require having at least 50% of the project cost on hand before we can begin with any proposed capital improvement or construction.

And finally, reaching our “ultimate” goal of $2,350,000 in the initial phase will enable us to fully fund our project without debt and eliminate the need for a second successive campaign.